Office Building

No.3, 29th St., Alvand Av., Arjantine sq. Tehran, Iran


Floor area

Gross surface area

Construction volume
3000 m³

Site area
500 m²

Built-up area
300 m²

+25 m

Number of levels

Number of basements

$ 1.5Mio.

Project manager
Shahab Alidoost, Sona Eftekharazam

Project team

Amir Niknafs

Hamideh Raoufzadeh

Sahand Mohades

Parisa Soltani

Hamed Bakhtiari

Ghasem Naeiji

Ali Taghibeigi

Fatemeh Ebrahimi

Rokhsare Panahinezhad





Executive planning
Shahab Alidoost

General Contractor
Arash Sheibani

Structural engineering


Project controlling
Shahab Alidoost

Accoustic planning
Shahab Alidoost

Bulding physics
Shahab Alidoost


 Founded and directed by Shahab Alidoost and Sona Eftekharazam, Alidoost and Partners is a multidisciplinary office that focuses on architecture and design, from large scale planning to furniture. Rich with multiple expertises, our office is fuelled by talented designers and experienced architects that jointly develop projects from early sketches to on-site supervision. All of which, regardless of scale, outlines an approach that is affirmatively social in its outcome, enthusiastic in its ambition and professional in its process. At the core of our architecture is the ability to take a fresh look at design issues through experienced eyes. Our approach aims at turning intense research and analysis of practical and theoretical matters into the driving forces of design. By continuously developing rigorous methods of analysis and execution, Alidoost & Partners is able to combine innovative thinking and efficient production.
We work with corporate, government and private clients in numerous countries to realize major civic, hotel, residential, office, commercial and educational developments. We carefully limit the commissions we take on to help ensure a high degree of professional attention and overall project quality. Alidoost &Partners envisions itself as a proactive partner for its client, rather than a consultant. The office has a wide portfolio of international work and the attitude of involving external consultants to improve the design intelligence of a given project team. The use of complementing teams ensures that a project will never suffer from being neither too conventional nor too naive.